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Slm heat is a computer racing game where you can race late models(or a variety of cars if you download the mods). In the following 5 steps you will be shown how  to install this game. You will have to register at fisrt to be able to get some of the items
I(Pete Wearing) Can do custom skins at
First step, download nascar heat essentials and install or install cd of Nascar heat at
2nd step, download SLM Heat and place in the C:/program files/hasbro interactive/nascar heat folder at
SLM Heat folder should be C:/program files/hasbro interactive/nascar heat/ SLM Heat.

3rd Step, download Mod Launcher Swiss army knife. IMPORTANT Make sure when you install Mod Launcher you point it to C:/program files/hasbro interactive/nascar heat/run when prompted to do so. Do not leave it at the default directory or it WILL NOT work. At it will not be there just search swiss army knife in the search box on that website.

4th step, download tracks and place them in the C:/program files/hasbro interactive/nascar heat/run folder. Once there, open up mod launcher, select SLM Heat and hit the track manager button. Import all tracks from the right side to the left to where they are IN GAME.  Some tracks can be found at

5th Step (optional) download setup package here at slingin. These go in your C:/program files/hasbro interactive/nascar heat/SLM Heat/Setups folder. You can also make your own setups (highly recomended) for each track in Garage of SLM heat mod.

Once you get all this done you will need to turn the realism to "expert" or you wont get your garage option that you have to have in order to change your setups.
Have fun and happy racing there is currently one league that announces thier practices on  this board